Our mission at Great Natural Alpaca is to give you a luxurious touch and feel in your high-quality everyday accessories. We believe that your skin deserves the best and that’s what we aim to deliver. The alpaca fiber has developed its useful and gratifying characteristic naturally through adapting to local rough weather conditions. While being water-repellent and 6 times warmer than wool, the fiber still has a silky shine and a beautiful halo. 

We are trying our hardest to pass on the best qualities of this rare and natural fiber onto you to enjoy and wear daily. At Great Natural Alpaca, we do not care only about the way our sumptuous accessories look on you but also how they make you feel. We know the struggle with lamb wood - although while being warm, it irritates the skin and may leave an itchy feeling. This is not the case with the alpaca fiber at all, as the feel of it is very delicate and soft. 

Coming from the Peruvian highlands, the fiber is hand-crafted and made especially keeping luxury in mind. A scarf from the alpaca fiber can perfect your outfit easily - our color variety ranges anywhere from plain white to multi-colored. Everyone will find a piece that suits them the best and that’s our goal here at Great Natural Alpaca.



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