Alpaca wool blue checkered scarf - GreatNaturalAlpaca
Alpaca wool blue checkered scarf - GreatNaturalAlpaca

Alpaca wool blue checkered scarf

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5 times warmer than lambswool
naturally allergy-free: contains no lanolin
soft and silky like cashmere
water and dust repellent
doesn't pill easily

Add noble elegance to your life! This luxurious scarf is made 100% of baby alpaca wool from the Peruvian Highlands. The scarf is designed with you in mind, knowing how important is the feeling of warmth and comfort on a cold winter's day. The details have been finely hand-crafted.

All in all, it is the perfect autumn-winter accessory. Great range of classic colors which are easy to style with your everyday outfits. Unisex models - suitable for both men and women. While similar to sheep's wool, the baby alpaca wool is warmer; contains no lanolin, which makes it hypoallergenic; and is not prickly. Soft and luxurious feeling for chilly weather. It has an elegant and sophisticated touch against your skin while being water- and dirt-repellent.

100% baby alpaca scarf
11.81 x 70.86 inches
Made in Peru
Hand finished
Dry clean only

An interesting fact about alpacas: Alpaca wool was softer in the past than nowadays

Quite interestingly, irrespective of the fantastic high-quality fiber of the mummified alpacas found in the burial sites, it is considered the most sacrificed alpacas of lower quality than the fiber used for the fabrics. Offering the alpacas to the Incan Gods was considered one of the significant rituals.