Alpaca wool scarf and ANNI socks gift box for women

Alpaca wool scarf and ANNI socks gift box for women

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Noble elegant box with comfy warm socks and a luxurious alpaca wool scarf. Appropriate as a gift for someone you care about. Keep their neck and feet warm!

Alpacas are mainly farmed for their excellent wool. Alpaca wool is shiny and silky, soft and luxurious. It is believed to be 7 times warmer and 3 times more durable than lambswool. It is not prickly and does not contain lanolin, thus making it hypoallergenic.

The angora rabbit provides the finest wool, especially known for its softness and warmth.
Due to the angora fibers' fine structure, the wool has a much better effect of heat insulation and occupies more than twice as much moisture compared to sheep wool. Even though wet you will not necessarily feel that the wool is wet and the wool will still retain its warmth.
Also, angora is considered to be soothed by joint pains and rheumatic disorders.

Ready to gift: Comes fully ready to gift upon opening. Our modern gift box delivers on tasteful and beautiful presentation topped with a hand-tied bow.

Warm angora wool comfort socks
Without the rubber edge
Colour: gray
Composition: 55% viscose, 17% polyamide, 25% angora wool, 3% elastane

Warm alpaca wool scarf
Scarf color: green
Scarf composition: 100% baby alpaca
Scarf dimensions: 30 x 180 cm